Local dog walker, pet sitter needed!

  • Everybody needs someone to look after their pet from time to time, you have a variety of options both paid and unpaid, dog walkers, pet sitters, kennels and catteries even neighbors, friends and family.


    But the list doesn’t end there, a new breed of people called ‘Borrowers’ are ready to look after your cat, dog or any other animal you may have. The Pet Borrowers are typically people who can’t keep a pet in their own property full time, usually due to tenancy or leasehold agreements preventing it, but they love pets nonetheless.


    BorrowPets.com allows you to join as a member for free, register your pet (or pets) then lets you find a local borrower who can take your dog out for extra walks, house sit your cat or groom your horse when you can’t.


    BorrowPets.com is intended for pet owners to build up a network of local borrowers they can then rely on for all types of situations, long days away form home, regular events or holidays.


    There are other similar services available, most prominently BorrowMyDoggy.com, there are significant advantages joining BorrowPets.com over BorrowMyDoggy.com:

    Save on the £45 joining fee

    Register multiple pets

    Register any kind of pet, not just dogs

    Full social experience

    Register and advertise your local groups and events


    Borrowers are great news for pet owners, they fill in for you when you’re not around, giving your pet more walks, love and attention helping your pet and you to have happier lives.


    Join today for free and see how it transforms your life.