Borrow and lend pets safely

  • Meeting new members on is great fun, and can transform you and your pets life, giving you more flexibility on when and how long you can leave your pets. Safety and security will always be our members number one priority when deciding to proceed with a borrow.


    Unlike we do not charge a registration fee, this means we do not check our members addresses against their bank account. We decided that ‘verifying’ our members details against bank information is not the right way to go as the information banks hold is not always accurate, especially if it hasn’t been updated by the account holder so wouldn’t be a source we would rely on, personally I wouldn’t lend someone my puppy to somebody on the basis that they have bank account.

  recommends that you build a trusted relationship with a borrower before lending your pet, like you would a friend or a neighbor, when it comes to verifying an address there’s nothing quite like a bit of DIY. Ask to meet at their property, they can show you ID in person and just as importantly you can talk to other members who have use them and ‘verified’ them.


    You can also meet in groups, create or join e.g. a ‘local dog walking group’ and get to know your local members in person. You may find another pet owner that will be happy to look after your pet during the day while you look after theirs on weekends, who knows?


    Create your free membership now and join in the fun.